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St. Mary's forms both the geographic and spiritual center of the United States. Here, students receive a classical education, infused with the values and traditions of the Catholic Church. Here, young men and women learn to respect truth and tradition in a world that too often ignores them. Here, begins the restoration of all things in Christ:

One priest at a time - who preaches immutable Truth as a visible Christ on earth,

One father and mother at a time - who labor nobly as the head and heart of a traditional family in the true Sacrament of marriage,

One teacher at a time - who forms and inspires future Catholic citizens,

One tradesman, professional, and politician at a time - who helps make the restoration of all things in Christ a reality in the work and civic spheres. 

By helping St. Mary's build this church, you form the lifeblood for an oasis of the Faith.  The New Immaculata will be a beacon of light for the restoration of all things in Christ.  Become a "Pillar of Support" today by participating directly in this great work of restoration!    

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Main Chapel Seating - 1,503

Crypt Chapel Seating - 224

Bell Tower Height - 116 ft. (from main level)

Nave (Interior) Height - 67 ft.


Main Level - 14,664 sf.

Cry Room - 2,300 sf.

Choir Loft - 3,120 sf.

Crypt Chapel - 4,512 sf.

Lower Level Future Expansion Area - 6,464 sf.

TOTAL - 31,060 sf.

Altars - 8

Confessionals - 5

Architect - Schwerdt Design Group; Topeka, Kansas

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